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Solar hot water training day

Here at “Rutland Renewables” we are passionate about reducing carbon emissions and preserving our planet for future generations to come. To achieve this goal – we must engage, educate and enthuse today’s “throw away” society , to act in positive ways that will help to heal the planet rather than assist in its self–destruction.

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”


Having been in the plumbing, heating, and gas industry since leaving the Army in 2005. I was saddened, if not mortified at the standard of training being given to installers. Very often being poorly presented, with little or no relevance to what was going on at the coal face. This became even more apparent when I ventured into the world of Renewables.

To that end, I set about and have designed a 1-day training course to dispel the myths and give attendees ( be they installers, self-builders or DIY enthusiasts) the confidence, knowledge and understanding to be able to successfully design, size, install and commission a solar hot water system , so that it works in a safe and efficient manner.


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

The day is driven by you the student – so if you have any specific areas that you want to cover, please make us aware, we can then tailor the day accordingly. After all your paying for it.

The more you put in the more you get out and the greater the reward !


“The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds.”

In brief, the day comprises of a relaxed mix of theory and practical hands-on training (It is not death by mathematic equations or PowerPoint slide ). I talk in installers speak using my experiences gained from working at the coal face (be they good and bad), aiming to deliver the principles of how it all works – and ultimately saving you from falling into a poo trap due to lack of knowledge . I love seeing the ‘light-bulb’ moment when it all ‘clicks into place’ for yet another attendee. The classes are small and the atmosphere is relaxed, so please do get in touch and come along.

Course Content

The theory bit

Basic principles

Types of system

Types of collectors

Types of cylinders

Component parts and system layout

Sizing and designing a system

Integrating with other technologies


The practical bit

Roof mounting

Pipework manufacture, installation and mounting

Controllers and controller set up

Filling / Flushing and commissioning

Fault finding


Other stuff

Planning regulations

Building Regulations

Building Control Notification

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

Rutland Renewables Installer scheme

Whilst the day is not formally recognised as a training qualification. On completion it will give attendees access to the Microgeneration certification scheme, Renewable Heat Incentive scheme and building control sign off through Rutland Renewables Installer scheme.

Knowledge is a great thing to share!

Do it right and do it once!