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Our Experience

Rutland Renewables are run by Tim & Will, who have more than 20 year’s experience in designing and installing green energy solutions across the East Midlands and the wider UK. We understand what solution works best in any given situation and we always provide our clients with cost / benefit information, allowing you to make informed decisions on technology that will last.
Rutland Renewables have installed hundreds of green energy solutions and systems for a wide range of customers from large industrial sites to schools to community centres and of course hundreds of residential homes.
We have experience of installing solar PV systems onto both single phase and 3 phase grid connections, and pretty much all roof types, including metal roofs, slate, clay rosemary, clay pantile, concrete double roman, trussed, metal framed, hipped, flat roofs, green roofs from bungalows to factories and blocks of flats.
Our experience and knowledge of Solar Thermal systems is second to none with hundreds of installs carried out in the UK mostly on residential properties but we have provided a wide range of solutions for many scenarios including swimming pools and glamping site shower blocks.
All of our work is quoted and guaranteed, and you can be assured that we work in a tidy methodical way that limits the impact of our installations.
We aim to provide the most appropriate green energy solutions for our customers at the best possible prices to ensure that saving the planet needn’t cost the earth.

Why Choose Us

Rutland Renewables are MCS accredited offering a friendly, efficient and professional service with flexible site survey and installation date options to suit you, including evening and weekends with no hard selling.
We use remote surveys to provide customers with a personalised system design, detailed quote and performance estimate, usually within 1-2 weeks, with a home survey arranged if you’re happy with the quote to verify our measurements and confirm the suitability of the roof structure and electrical connections.
We only use trained, experienced installers and systems designers for our home surveys, with a no hard selling, no commission salespeople policy, we let our high quality systems and low prices do the selling for us.
All installations are carried out by our highly experienced installation team, with a combined 20 years solar installation experience.

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A solar thermal system uses the energy from the sun to heat up water to use in the home.


Solar panels allow you take advantage of one of nature’s most powerful yet free resources, the sun.


There is been major advances in battery technology over the last few years with lots of investment


Change is happening, and it’s happening fast!  Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the UK are growing.