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About battery storage

The way we power our homes is rapidly evolving and battery storage is fast becoming a popular and viable option to reduce electricity bills. There have been major advances in
battery technology over the last few years with lots of investment from world leading green energy innovators who have been looking at how to extend battery life, reduce costs and
improve capacity.
Battery storage goes hand in hand with solar PV with the majority of households being out during the peak generating hours a lot of generation is exported to the grid. Adding batteries allows the system to store electricity generated to use when we need it rather importing costly electricity from the grid.
However you don't need solar PV to benefit from battery storage systems. With the addition of smart tariffs it is possible to charge batteries from the grid at a low price and use the electricity later to offset your consumption offering great savings on your bill. Some tariffs such as Octopus Agile will even pay you to charge your batteries when there is a surplus of electricity on the grid. Rutland Renewables can offer systems which integrate with these tariffs to offer the greatest savings without you having to do anything.
It is safe to say, solar battery storage system costs are not inexpensive, but the advantages of using solar energy can more than make up for the cost if implemented effectively.

Why Do You Need a Solar Battery Storage System

Pairing solar batteries with solar arrays is a relatively new practice, but an effective one. You can benefit from solar battery storage in 3 key ways:
1. Store energy for later use
2. Significantly lower your energy costs
3. Earn money by selling stored energy to the grid

Firstly, a solar battery stores the energy generated during sunlight hours and makes it readily available for use during non-production hours, such as at night or on cloudy days.
By making use of photovoltaics, you can essentially run your home on 100% renewable solar energy around the clock. In the UK climate this won’t power your home independently
on electricity you have generated but it give you the ability to maximise your solar usage.
In addition, solar battery backup power can lower your energy costs significantly. With economy 7 and new car charging tariffs it is possible to charge batteries from the grid during
off peak times at a low price during and use the electricity later to offset your consumption offering great savings on your bill and accelerating your return on investment.
What’s more, with the introduction of smart tariffs it is possible to earn money by selling the energy stored in your battery pack to the electrical grid when electricity prices are at
their highest—Some tariffs such as Octopus Agile will even pay you to charge your batteries when there is a surplus of electricity on the grid. We can offer systems which integrate with these tariffs to offer the greatest savings without you having to do anything.

Pair With Solar

A battery storage system in combination with a solar PV array enables you to utilise more of the energy you generate and minimise the amount of electricity you import from the grid.
Lucky, if you already have an existing array, it is relatively simple task retrofit battery storage into the mix. And if you have neither, the two systems can be bought in tandem to make your home run entirely on renewable energy and reduce upfront costs.
The two technologies complement each other to bring down your storage system costs by making your solar panel array vastly more efficient. If you have been considering going
green, there is no better time to start taking advantage of the money you can save on your monthly electricity bill.

No Solar, No Problem
You don’t need solar PV to benefit from battery storage systems, the introduction of smart tariffs has given the opportunity for battery storage to offer huge savings whether the sun is shining or not.
For example it is possible to charge your batteries for as little as 5p a unit during the night and use the electricity at times of need when you could be paying 19p a unit. This could save you around £300-£500 per year off your electricity bill!

With our vast experience we can offer different storage solutions for every scenario. This is a fast moving marker with new advances coming in all the time, so if you’re not sure if it is suitable for your property get in touch and we will be happy to advise.