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solar thermal systems

Solar Thermal Systems are a great way to reduce your hot water bill. They have the potential to capture energy from the sun and deliver it as energy to heat your water. These systems are perfect for anyone with a mid-to-high annual hot water usage, with serious potential to save you lots of money.

With panels known as solar collectors, a solar thermal system absorbs the heat from the sun, heating water or heat-transfer fluid within these collectors. The heated water or heat-transfer fluid then runs from the collectors to your hot water cylinder.
This way a solar thermal system can provide your home with hot water through energy from the sun.

Solar thermal is great both commercially and domestically, and with recommended check-ups every 2-3 years, we will make sure to keep your Solar Thermal System in great working condition.

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At Rutland Renewables, we specialise in solar panels, battery storage, electric vehicle charging and solar thermal systems. Being a locally owned and run company, we take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and craftmanship. Take a look at our credentials below



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